myKaarma ‘s fully integrated ipad for DealerBuilt / LightYear DMS
  • Fill out a full RO at the customer’s vehicle
  • Text & email from the iPad to keep customers informed
  • Built in walk around with picture taking of damage
  • Customer sign off on RO is on the iPad as well
  • Completely paperless, no printing work orders for customers or internal if desired: wifi or desktop printing always available
  • Cashier from the iPad to get your customers on their way fast

myKaarma’s DealerBuilt DMS iPad check-in tool

Speeding clients through check-in and getting them back to their busy lives makes for happy customers, higher CSI, and increased customer loyalty. $$$

myKaarma’s iPad mobile check-in and RO write-up are fully integrated with DealerBuilt DMS to deliver exceptional check-in speed and accuracy. Turn your service lanes into express lanes with myKaarma iPad and DealerBuilt.

Check in 100’s of guests and never leave the service lane.

Easy to use for your staff and a fast convenient process for your service customers.

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