Today’s consumers view of service has dramatically transformed over the last two decades. They have come to expect and demand a high quality user experience across the spectrum of their purchases from places like Nordstrom’s to Amazon to Uber.
The dilemma is that today’s consumers are besieged by messages from multiple sources. According to a study by University of California San Diego, “the average person consumed 34 GB of data per day”. In order to be heard, Dealers must change the way they communicate with consumers. By making an impression and maximizing each interaction, they improve the likelihood of customers returning to their store by 300%. They get rid of wasted voicemails, long lines, and unhappy customers!


reduced authorizations

Authorization times reduced to under 10 minutes

reduction in voicemails

50% reduction in voicemails left with service advisors

reduction in authorization disputes

100% reduction in authorization disputes

decreased loaner days

33% decrease in “loaner-car days”

increased CSI scores

A 20%+ point increase in CSI scores

credit card batches

Eliminate all paperwork between advisors and controllers


Calculate your loaner car ROI


We integrate with all of the major DMS providers so that your customers details, service ROs, invoices, and reconciliations are always in sync and up-to-date.

Ease of Use

Our advanced user functionality helps you and your service advisors shave minutes off every interaction. A minute here and a minute there, adds up to give you back valuable time, everyday.

power search

Google-like instant search

(customer first, last, part of phone #, part of email, last eight of VIN)

customer contact

Customer contact via text, voice, and email from one console

pay online

Pay online or via iPad

automatic payment requests

Automatic and custom payment requests